There will always be a Way!

People often talk about how you can achieve success just by doing your best. They always say “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. They often tell you practice makes perfect. They will forever say “Try harder next time”.

Sometimes, you feel like giving up. You feel like going straight to them and tell them all right that instant, “I GIVE UP!”

Well, let me tell you this. No matter what you do, nobody’s going to feel satisfied. Not even your mum, not even your dad, not even yourself because you constantly feel like there’s something missing or that you can achieve better. Why? Because that’s what you are. That’s what we all are. That’s what humans are.

I’m not saying that this behaviour is negative or positive or whether it should be stopped or not. What I can say is that, instead of just thinking of the three words that keeps playing in your mind that is “I GIVE UP”, turn to the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU”

It all starts of with hatred. And not hatred of others because they are better than you. But it’s the hatred that you don’t and won’t even know you had them your whole life. It’s the hatred of your own self. You think that you’re not good enough. You think that because of your physical state, you’re not able to do what others can. However, there are things that you don’t realise. These are the things that you don’t see but others see them in you. It makes you better than others.

Don’t ponder too much upon your weaknesses, look at you strengths and use them to cover for your weaknesses. Appreciate yourself, appreciate the gifts you’re born with and never doubt your abilities.

Awak Siapa?


Sehingga ke saat ini, ada sekumpulan orang yang telah saya jumpa, sedang saya jumpa dan akan saya jumpa. Sejak dahulu, walau sejenak saya berborak dengan seseorang, saya mampu mengecam wajahnya jika kami bertemu lagi walaupun sekali pandang.

Namun, setiap kali saya ingin melambaikan tangan, hanya kecewa sahaja yang saya terima. Senyum? Saya rasa sudah banyak sekali waktu saya senyum pada diri sendiri. Ramai yang tidak mengenal saya. Kadang, saya hanya mampu berpura-pura tidak tahu agar saya tidak terlihat seperti seseorang yang pelik. Yalah, siapalah yang tiba-tiba sahaja melambaikan tangan atau senyum tanpa sebab?

Kepuraan saya hanya menusuk jiwa saya sahaja. Saya seakan bayang-bayang. Kekadang terwujud rasa marah, juga rasa sedih. Marah kerana mudah sekali menganggap sesuatu pertemuan itu akan membawa ke tua. Sedih kerana sukar melupakan wajah seseorang. Walau apa pun perasaan saya, ia membuatkan saya sedar akan sesuatu.

Pada saat ini, saya mungkin seseorang yang dilupakan. Akan tiba suatu hari di mana saya pula yang akan melupakan. Sekarang, saya mungkin mempunyai kebolehan untuk mengingati wajah manusia dengan mudah. Namun, kelak kan tiba waktu di mana saya pula akan menanyakan soalan yang sama…

“Awak siapa?”

Once a Friend, Now a Stranger

Have you ever realised how the world changed without you even knowing? A friend, a close one, whom you thought was your best friend forever, becomes just a stranger. You felt like you don’t know him or her no more. From the best friend you ever had, to just someone you’ve known before. People change. As you meet new company along the way, you get influenced. Humans change with time, and some just need time to adapt to the new environment. Friends come and go and we should be grateful for meeting new friends that accept us for who we are…


There will be once every year where a special friend will come to visit. Many will say hi and then leave this friend alone but there are also ones who care and who will serve him throughout his one month stay… They will greet him, pray to Allah so that they can meet him again and spend night and day abstaining from evil from what they desire when they are with him.

Ramadhan, you will very soon leave us again. No matter what evil we have done, we pray that Allah will forgive us. And for all the good we have done, we pray that Allah rewards us. And for the good we have done for Allah especially in this special month, we pray that Allah multiply the rewards and put us in Jannah insya Allah…



Kadangkala mereka jahat

Kadangkala mereka baik

Sejenak mereka gembira

Sejenak mereka sedih


Senantiasa memendam rasa

Senantiasa mengatakan sebaliknya

Tidak pernah berterus terang

Tidak pernah mengaku kalah


Bertahan walau terlalu perit

Bertahan walau hati terluka

Tewas dengan ego dan kemegahan

Tewas dengan nafsu diri

Itulah manusia

Sanggup melakukan apa sahaja

Demi darajat dan hormat orang

Tanpa mengenal kaca dan permata

Andai sahaja kita mampu celik semula…



It’s not about whether you’re happy or sad. Neither is it about how much people hate or love you. Don’t even think of whether you’re going to look good in front of the world or the trash talk of the century. Never ever had it been about others. It’s our own lives and if we want to be happy, why not? But hold up,  I’m not saying if something is bad and it makes you happy, go ahead do it! What I mean is that, do something that shall not make you regret afterward. Think about your family, your friends, or anyone you love, will they cry if they see you’ve been hurt? Hurting is not just getting your body to bleed, it may also involve your heart and brain and nothing is more worrying than to see that happen to any of us.

Live a life full of love, for yourself, for the people around you, your surroundings and of course the state of everything that happens to you. Don’t stop believing in the miracles of God. It is He who will ensure that you get the best out of every single tear and sweat you shed. Leave everything to God for He knows the best for you. Just think of it as a small test before eternal peace. everything that you may possibly dream of, you shall get it. No matter what happens, have some faith and get yourself to realise that it has never been just sorrow. It’s more than just crying. Be brave for life is too short for you to just cry and cry upon things that have been labeled the “PAST”




Rain, should I bring my waterproof coat?

Sun, will I be needing my jacket?

Snow, should I build my own friend?

Wind, should I stay away from the trees?

I’m afraid, I cannot answer…



Sad, must I bring tissues?

Happy, will I need my lips?

Angry, I wonder who the victim will be?

Pain, is someone in danger?

I apologize, I do not know…



Change, must I be prepared?

Love, is it strong enough?

Alive, will I continue breathing?

Die, why am I so frightened?

How I wish it is easy to say…



If it was that easy, I would have known

If it was forgotten, I would have remembered

If it was buried, I would have found

If it was hidden, I would have discovered

It is a secret, never to be told…